22 11, 2018

Side emitting led inground light-A perfect choice to use for sidewalk

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Side emitting led inground light Perfect for outdoor places in  path way, sidewalk in villa, housing, building, patio, parking, garden, yard,etc. Light source lasting stability: This inground path light made of high quality original CREE XBD LED , emitting 2800-3000k warm white light, 4000-4500k natural white light, 6000-6500k cool white light,and also special red, blue, [...]

9 05, 2018

Launch new outdoor led spotlight in May

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New product    To meet the market's demand, we continuously develop new product, hereby we'd like to introduce 3 models of outdoor use LED spotlight as follows:  Welcome to test the samples 15° Mini LED Spotlight  Voltage: DC12-24V LED type: CREE XBD Beam angle: 15° Size: Φ24*38mm Material: Aluminum 6063 IP rate: IP67Application in square,sidewalk,wall ground [...]

23 04, 2018

mini led downlight 3W

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Mini led downlight under cabinet light,  recessed mounted,  DC3V or DC12V  safe for touch. As small body, flexible and wide application. Best solution for kitchen lighting,under shelf lighting, under counter lights, display lighting. Providing useful cabinet light for your home areas that are under-lit. Mini led downlight Hotsale countries: It is popular in US/CA/EU market, especially USA,CANADA,Netherlands and Belgium,etc. Basic parameter:  Light Size:  52 mm diameter, cut: 42mm Voltage:  DC 12 [...]

12 04, 2018

Driverless LED Flood light

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Driverless LED Flood light We always receive this kind of questions from the customers: what's driver-less ? how it works ? Actually it is AC LED light that connects directly to the AC mains,  it can deliver photo-metric and electrical performance similar to that achieved by DC driver design.  It adopts IC on board to replace [...]

8 04, 2018

Where are outdoor led spotlights application ?

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Outdoor LED Spotlights Reach Lighting, provides  you all kinds of outdoor led spotlights,  they are all IP 67 waterproof,  hereby we'd like to show how do these outdoor led spotlight apply. 1,   LED garden spotlight    LED garden plug light  These two models garden light,  main use for landscape lighting, for lawn, yard, garden, patio. [...]

27 03, 2018

up down led wall light

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UP Down LED Wall Light New launched Modern design  led wall light.  It is an  energy-efficient solution to both indoor and outdoor settings. The wall light feature: It contains an integrated COB LED light source, very high luminous and stable performance. Once lit up, it provides an up and down light effect.  And  you [...]

15 12, 2017

How to choose quality LED light ?

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When purchasing LED lamps should pay attention to the following four points: 1: LED light source prices vary greatly The same color with the brightness of the LED, the price difference can be several times the gap is mainly reflected in: LED reliability and light failure and other performance above the low price of the [...]

12 10, 2017

New LED whirlwind buried light

By | 2018-08-02T03:13:40+00:00 October 12th, 2017|release new product|0 Comments

New LED whirlwind buried light The model of new LED inground light launch to the market. Due to the lighting effect seems like whirlwind, we call it LED whirlwind buried light. Basic specification: There are 3 kinds of lighting port, 3 ports, 4 ports and 5 ports, for making different lighting effect. That is also [...]

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