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How to choose quality LED light ?

When purchasing LED lamps should pay attention to the following four points:

1: LED light source prices vary greatly

The same color with the brightness of the LED, the price difference can be several times the gap is mainly reflected in: LED reliability and light failure and other performance above the low price of the LED chip size smaller.   Electrode is rough, current and temperature and humidity changes poor, light decay faster, life expectancy will be very short.

We buy wafer Taiwan or other branded  LED like CREE, their own package, to ensure the quality of the light source.

2: LED-driven resistance and capacitance

IC and other components of the price difference is great, as well as the rationality of the entire circuit design if a little discomfort will directly affect the quality of the product.

And some may only constant voltage, did not achieve constant current . And the LED must be constant current to better ensure the quality and service life.

3: The choice of lighting materials

Due to the high temperature requirements of LED lamps (the faster lamp body heat dissipation, the longer the life of the lamp), aluminum is the highest cost-effective in all materials.

Therefore, LED lamps are generally used aluminum. Good or bad, a direct impact on the life of LED lamps.

4: Lighting structure and assembly process requirements

The structure must test the heat dissipation and light output efficiency!  The good structure will make all the temperature of its LED chip spread to the lamp body, scattered through the lamp body into the air.

Prompting the backlog of LED. the temperature at the chip to a minimum to ensure the life of its lamps and lanterns.

In the market some of the lamps and lanterns suspend aluminum substrate, reliable contact with the lamp body.  How to talk about the heat it!  The light efficiency mainly reflect in the LED optical lens.

This proves long-term practice and equipment measure.  So must pay attention to anti-static!

Even the best LED can only say that its anti-static ability, but does not guarantee that static electricity will not cause any harm!  Is the thermal paste to apply evenly, not the more the better. No matter how good thermal paste aluminum and aluminum are not in direct contact with thermal conduction fast.

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