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How convenient using your smartphone to control the LED lights at home

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When you stay bedroom, and forget to turn off the light at living room,  you can use your smartphone to turn off, no need to living room.

When you come back home, you can turn on the lights through smartphone before entering the room.

When you want to adjust brightness, also can use your smartphone to achieve it.

When there is a party,  the light can be changeable with the music and the voice of singing, make the atmosphere happy.

Of course, you also can ask Amazon Alexa to do these things: “Alexa, please set the bedroom light 10% ”


How make the LED lights using so conveniently and intelligently ?

We adopt Bluetooth Technology, we have our own APP control system, install it to your smartphone, then can control the lights.

It can realize the set of RGB color, and long-distance stepless dimming control of color temperature, and various music scene mode, time setting, for single product control distance is 15-20 meters, with network function, can be controlled through signal transmission between the products, so as to realize the different application of lighting in rooms.


What  features it has?


1.Control Methods:Smartphones(Android&iOS),Remote,Control-panel.

2.Stepless Dimming:Brightness adjustable range within 1%-100% and color temperature changing within 2400-6500K.

3.Set Colors:16+million colors are choosable at the touch of palette.

4.Control Multiple Lamps:Support managing Ad-Hoc network.

5.Control Multiple Lamps:Support managing Ad-Hoc network,Achieve group control the bulbs,Group or Individually.


Now we have a series of Smart LED lights are available, like LED bulb, LED Down light, LED Panel light, which can be used in different application lighting for your home.


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